Whether we agree to it or not, at some point in our lives we wished and dreamt of having Hermoine’s magical bag which could fit almost everything in to it and magically presented the items when needed. Or at least we could have that spell which made our bags more spacious and fitted everything neatly into it.

But we live in real lives and there is no such thing like spells, however it is still possible to be able to make a checklist of necessary items to be kept in the bag and organise them properly so that they would also appear magically when needed.

But before we move on to the checklist of items, make sure you are carrying a bag while going out of the house. Sounds funny right? While some of us have the habit of carrying a comfortable sling or a handbag while travelling, there are some people who prefer to go bare handed. While this is totally up to one’s choice, carrying a suitable bag helps to keep things handy and also safeguards wallet or other important stuff without the fear of losing them.

Make sure to choose a bag according to the occasion or requirement. For example, carrying a very large bag while going out for shopping can be tiring because then you would have to carry it everywhere and your hands would be engaged. Similarly choosing a very small sling is of no use when it cannot even fit your wallet inside properly. Therefore it becomes necessary to carry a bag according to the requirements.

Here is a checklist of items to be kept inside the bag whenever carrying it:

  1.  Water bottle/ energy drink.

Going out for long hours and wanna stay hydrated? Always carry a small water bottle in your bag. This will let you stay hydrated and prevent you from hunting down the stores when thirsty.

  1. A notebook and a pen.

Though we are blessed with smart phones and have everything sorted on it from notes to documents, still the importance of a pen and paper cannot be overstated. A pen might be useful to jot down some important piece of information in the notebook, scribble your ideas and doodle your creative thoughts all at one place.

  1. Wallet

 Well there is no need to elaborate its importance, is there? Some cash in hand plus your card/cards and then you are ready to conquer the world.

  1. A packet of mint or gum.

Because anyone might get lucky anytime! A stale breath is a total no no anytime and anyway who wants to be smelly, right?

  1. Medicine

A small packet of useful, common medicines which are an absolute necessary especially when someone is travelling for long hours or is prone to allergies. A common flu tablet, anti-pyretic, analgesic and a band-aid is quite handy.

      6. Some munchies!

Be it nuts like almonds or raisins, a granola bar or something of your choice because hanger pangs can strike anytime, anywhere.

  1. A pack of tissues/ napkins.

 For winter chills, crying during a sad movie or wiping your hands.

  1. Face wipes/ baby wipes/wet wipes.

 While we all face a dull day nothing can worsen it more than a dull and greasy face. Face wipes or baby wipes comes to the rescue at this very time. You can wipe your face, touch up, anew and the day starts making sense again. Wet wipes are also super great for when you accidently spill a drink on you or attract a stain unknowingly, such messes may mess up your whole mood. It is best to carry wet wipes for such messes which may befall you throughout the day.

  1. Sanitizer

 Well nobody wants to attract germs or feel their hands dirty. As rightly said precaution is better than cure. So why not!

  1. Lip balm/ hand cream or lotion.

The feel of chapped lips and dry hands is frustrating especially in winter. This might be a winter scheme for many. Although nothing is more soothing than hydrated soft lips and moisturized hands.

  1. Makeup pouch

Because a touch up a day keeps the mood swings away! And c’mon who would mind looking perfect at any time of the day. Some basics or your fixer lipstick shade with some of your personal favourites is a must.

  1. Hair ties and pins

You can never have enough of them. So it is better you stock them up and a lot!

  1. Hair brush.

Bad hair days can happen and you have to admit a touch up is never complete without a hair brush. It has its own sacred place in a bag.

  1. Earphones/earpods.

Good music is the elixir for your brain and life. Or else how would we find solace from our busy schedule.

This is the checklist of some useful items which are necessary on the go. While some can be a light packer, carry a cross-bag and good to go others would find it cringe worthy to their place without a large handbag or tote.

So which category do you fall into?


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