You have chosen a beautiful handbag. You have received compliments for it as well. It enhances the beauty of your beautiful dress. But you don’t know how to store it properly and take care of it for the years to come. Because no matter how much you have paid for it, the bottom line is you want to keep it as new as it was when it arrived.
Not sure how to store your handbag? Not sure how to clean it or care for it? No worries because we are here to help.
How to clean a leather handbag?

  • To remove stains, spills or dust from your handbag brush your bag with a damp cloth. This will remove the stains and dust quickly and effectively. After cleaning with damp cloth use a dry towel, muslin cloth or a cotton pad to gently wipe the excess moisture from the bag. Keep the bag at room temperature to dry.
  • For removing any food stains or pen marks use a hair spray/ petrol. Spray over the stained area and wipe using a dry towel or a cotton pad. Make sure do not scrub the bag vigorously. Let it dry under room temperature.
  • Clean the dust from the bag time to time if not in use with a dry cloth. Do not let the dust sit on it for too long.

How to store your leather handbag?

  • Most importantly, keep your bag inside a dust-bag. Generally all the leather handbags come with a dust-bag. Do not lose the dust-bag, store your bag inside it.
  • Keep your bag away from direct sunlight and moisture as both can damage the material of the bag. Direct sunlight causes discoloration and cracks in the material while moisture depreciates the quality of the bag. Store in a cool, dry place preferably at the room temperature.
  • Try to store the bag on a shelf at some height and not in contact with the floor.
  • Always stuff the bag to maintain its original shape and try to store it in its original packaging.
  • Do not fold or loop your bag belt while storing for a longer time, as this may damage the leather.

What to do if my leather handbag gets wet?

  • If your bag gets wet/ soggy in the rain, then stuff it full of newspaper. This will prevent shrinking of the leather and then allow it to dry after blotting away as much water as possible. Never apply direct heat to any wet leather, this will cause cracking and shrinking.

How to prevent the metalwork and embellishments from getting damaged?

  • Keeping studs, crystals, chains and locks scratch-free can be tricky. Whilst gentle knocks are all part of usual wear-and-tear, when not using your bag mould tissue paper around the metalwork to prevent scrapes and unsightly scratches.



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