Bags are something everyone loves to flaunt around because they effortlessly complete your outfit and eventually add up a sorted yet classy taste to your look. But, just spending much to buy these bags or flaunting them around is not enough because you also need to take some serious care of them in the monsoon season.
So let’s talk about what sort of products and materials The Trend Makers has to offer you and what are the advantages that you gain on a long run, if you purchase products from us:

  • We don’t use animal skin leather so there is nothing to worry about polishing, color changing or cracking of leather because of water.
  • We use Micro-Fiber Leather which is the most expensive form of faux leather.

During the monsoon season we would only suggest you to go for the Micro-Fiber Leather, also called Vegetable Tanned Leather, as the natural extracts and oils of the seeds and the barks replace the original fats in the hide and give it a unique look to the bag with deeper colors, long lasting strength and a good body. Thus, when your bag gets wet in the rain, the leather lets the water evaporate on its own without spoiling it.
We also provide inside waterproof lining so that even if your bag gets wet, it doesn’t destroy the items kept inside the bag.
We wouldn’t suggest you to go for Suede material during the monsoon season, as it gets damaged easily during the season and loses the hair which is the highlight of this material. It is also difficult to restore its lost sheen and feel, which is why it needs extra care during the monsoon.
Why is there a risk?
The monsoon season is undoubtedly quite a challenge as the moisture from the air can get accumulated in the leather and increase the chance of (attracting) fungus, which eats away at the leather and causes permanent damage. Please remember, that it’s not only about the moisture on the outside but also the accumulated dirt and the moisture inside.
If your bag gets wet –

  • Properly Dry your bag – Do not put the wet bag away without drying it out, keep it under a ceiling fan for a few hours or you can even use a hair dryer for that matter. But remember never to leave your bag near a heater or under direct sunlight as it will descent the natural oils from your bag and leave it looking dull. In the long run, this may make the leather of your bag hard and develop cracks on the surface.
  • Store them right – Keep the bag in a cloth, cover it properly before putting them in the box. In this way you will be able to protect the bag from dust and moisture especially in a humid environment.
  • Clean them – Clean your bag to prevent fungus and infection. Use a damp cloth for cleaning, it will keep the dust away and further it will also keep your bag looking new.
  • Use your Bags – Generally in the monsoon seasons, people does not prefer to use their exclusive and precious bags thinking they might get spoiled and pack them in the cupboards, which is not the way. The longer you leave you bag untreated, the harder it will be to clean them and use them again. Take your bag, air it and let it breathe.

Now you are full of knowledge about how to maintain your bag during the monsoon season. Use the bag to its extreme and still keep it fresh and sexy as the day before without compromising on its quality or looks.
Rule over the monsoon and enjoy the vibes!


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