In the past years, bags had very predictable designs and shape to offer. The variety were limited and the bags were positioned to carry only the essentials efficiently, as in the past time bags were not treated as an accessory to flaunt, but a utility item to shelter the valuables.
Without much craze of shapes, people only knew about the mainstream design lines and structures that use to hijack the market. There was not much of a lead on shapes, designs and styles of bags for people to count on. So they kept on following the same old rectangular structured bags and treated them as a trend.
But with evolving fashion, the industry made huge changes in styles and the basic shapes of the bags starting getting evolved too. With the changing trend and style of clothes, footwear and other accessories, bags also took an interesting turn and introduced a new culture and new world of styling. Today, they are treated as a serious outfit accessory, not only for utility purpose, but also to add on a pop of style to the outfit on primary basis.
Let’s catch on the current famous and trending bag shapes:
Evergreen Rectangular Shape:
Rectangular is the most basic & the most commonly found shape in the market and is still running the trend, brands have added several new textures to the shape such as modern prints giving it a revamped look
Cylindrical Shapes:
Cylindrical is the currently trending shape in the bag world. It has changed the whole look of how the bags could be styled. Brands have added curvy, textured, printed, plain and almost every type of addition to this new style to enhance the shape more.
Circle Shapes:
Circle shape is also a new entry in the world of trend and styles and is gaining a lot of fashion attention lately, but it does carry a high level of elegance that is worth flaunting. Its worthy of showing off the beautiful figure it holds.
Square Box Shapes:
You might have seen squared bags, purses or wallets but this time the square’s got a new look with more sharp edges and a perfect sturdy box like structure. These modern alterations display a good, smart sophisticated figure that makes it a hit piece to complement outfits of any style.
Semi-Circle Shapes:
This style holds a classy appeal with the curvy bottoms and straight tops which is different from the old basic structures of the bags. Semi-circle shape has successfully made its place in the trending bag word with its flashy model.
Triangular Shapes:
Another different model of bag that took a step towards the modern market of upgraded bags is the triangular shape. With a much unexpected figure, the bag has a successful fan following in the bag world.
Hexagonal Shapes:
Apart from all the above specified shapes and models, the most experimental shape is the hexagonal one. It is something very different from the regular designs and holds a unique model that no one could have imagined.
Shapes are the primary beauty of the bags in the present era, and this time to enhance the same, you definitely can’t miss to try such beauties. These shapes took a step forward towards us,, now it’s time we give them a shot and take a step forward towards these trendy and fashionable creations.
As we always say, ‘Before it’s in trend, it’s on the Trend Makers’ so you will get every style mentioned above available at our website. Check out the shapy-trendy collection because different vibes and shapes are waiting eagerly to style you with an eye-catching appeal.


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